Retail Market Demand


As reported by the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Office of Research and Analysis for FY 2018, Bel Aire’s City Trade Pull Factor is 0.12 with a trade area capture of 984 people. This is compared to Wichita with a pull factor of 1.06 and a trade area capture of 412,721.

Fortunately, the county pull trade factors report Sedgwick County with a 1.12 pull factor and 576,518 people in trade area capture, and 19.87% of the Kansas market share. So, the people are near Bel Aire, they just need a reason to come to Bel Aire!

Sales per sq ft currently supported:

Grocery stores $0

Department stores $0

Sales gap as compared to peer cities’:

Grocery stores ($8,124,000)

Department stores ($14,524,700)

Average sales per sq foot for Kansas (2012 est):

Grocery Stores $653

Department Stores $177

Additional supportable sq ft:

Grocery stores 12,441 sq ft

Department stores 82,056 sq ft

City Trade Pull Factor (CiTPF) is computed by dividing the per capita sales tax of a city by the statewide per capita sales tax. Values greater than 1.00 indicates that local businesses are pulling in trade from beyond their home city border. Values less than 1.00 indicate more trade is being lost than pulled in, that residents are shopping outside of the city. County Trade Pull Factor (CTPF) is the same, but for counties.

Trade Area Capture (TAC) is a measure of the customer base served by a community. It is calculated by multiplying the county or city’s population by the CiTPF or CTPF.